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Hanna Khoma

Hello. I’m Hanna

I was born and raised in Ukraine. English has been my passion ever since I can remember. However, in spite of my enthusiasm, while growing up, I did not have the opportunity to take my English to the level I wanted. I’ll spare you the boring explanation as to why - and skip to the good part. I’ll just say one key thing:

I didn’t have the Internet back then :)

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My Story

Throughout the years of trying and not being able to accomplish my goal (which was becoming proficient in English and using it fluently), my aspirations started to fade. When, at the age of 26, I gave birth to my son, all of a sudden, my passion was rekindled with an incredible force. I guess this was the effect of the energy of creation :)


Anyway, this time, I was more than determined to conquer this language, so I embarked on this fantastic and, at times, mind-blowing journey that CHANGED MY LIFE. 


Starting from being very shy, having social anxiety, suffering from a fear of speaking English, not being able to afford courses or private teachers, to finally being able to afford at least some courses but being greatly disappointed in them, not having anyone to practice my English with, and not having exposure to the language - all of this made me find my own approach and create my own system of learning on my own that gave me the results I had always dreamed about. 

However, as I always say, it’s a lifelong journey. 

I’m still learning and, most likely, will never stop learning. For me, there’s always room for improvement and I know that I still have a lot of things to work on. 

Having lived in Ukraine - in a non-English-speaking country, in a city where a foreign tourist is a rare sight - I understand the struggle of becoming fluent in English in such an environment very well. 

Yes, that’s true. I’d lived in Ukraine until last year. I left the country at the beginning of the war started by Russia against Ukraine. And ,I’ve been living in the United States for a year. 

And so I also share my experience in starting from learning a language on my own and becoming fluent in a non-English- speaking country to moving to an English-speaking country and testing my knowledge and skills.

I share my experience and journey on my YouTube channel. 


Remember, if I could do it, you can do it too! And I will help 

you! :)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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